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We want to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

If you recognize a pet at our shelter or found by someone in the community, please call us to help reunite that pet with its owner.

lost pets

Help owners look for their pets.  View lost pet listings shared by owners.

found pets

Browse animals found and being cared for by WCAS & members of the community.

lost a pet?

Let us try to help reunite you with your lost pet. Complete the lost pet form to share your pet’s information with us.

Here’s some advice to help you locate your pet.

Keep looking. Check around your immediate area – it’s possible your pet is still there. Small spaces can become great hiding spots, so check under decks, in bushes, neighbors’ yards, and garages.

Report your pet as lost. Complete our lost pet form below. You should also report your lost pet to the microchip company to ensure they have your current contact information.

Check shelters. Contact other area animal shelter and rescue groups. Visit shelters, including ours, personally.

Get the word out. Create a flyer to post and give to your neighbors and mail carrier. Place an ad with the local paper, PetHarbor, Pet FBI, and others. Be sure to include a photo.

Crowdsource your efforts. In addition to sharing information with us, post your lost animal to your Facebook page or resource Facebook pages like Lost Dogs Illinois, Lost Dog of Wisconsin, and Lost Cats of Illinois. Share in any neighborhood apps like NextDoor or with neighborhood associations to get others on the lookout, too.

found a stray?

If you think you’ve found a stray pet that has lost its way back home, here are some steps you can take. You are always welcome to bring the animal to our shelter or call our main line to have one of our officers pick up the animal.

Read “What to Do When You Find a Stray” from our resources. It details how you can handle different circumstances for dogs, cats, and kittens.

Check for tags. Check for any county or name tags or bring the animal to any veterinarian or Animal Services to be scanned for a microchip.

Contact us. Complete and submit the Found Pet Report. You can also call us directly at 815-319-4100 to see if the pet’s owner has contacted us already.

Get the word out. In addition to sharing with us, post information about the found pet on helpinglostpets.com, Lost Dogs Illinois or Lost Cats of Illinois on Facebook. You can share in any neighborhood apps like NextDoor or with neighborhood associations to enlist others in connecting the pet with its owner. Be sure to include a photo, if possible.

your pet

If you recognize your pet among our Found Pets, please call our Customer Service team immediately at 815-319-4100 to determine next steps. Found pets may be at our main shelter or in the care of community member, so it is important to first confirm your pet’s location. Stray dogs at our shelter will be eligible for adoption after a stray hold period of 7 -10 days. There is no required holding time for stray cats.

If you’ve found your pet among our Found Pets, follow these steps to reclaim your animal.

Call our customer service team to confirm your pet’s location. Some animals among our Found Pets may not be at our shelter – they may be in the care of a community member.

If your pet has been reported found by a community member, we will help put you in touch with that individual. If your pet is at our shelter, you’ll need to visit us during open hours to reclaim your pet. The individual reclaiming the pet must be the microchipped owner or the person named in the rabies registration record. Please bring a photo ID such as a driver’s license.

For pets at our shelter, be prepared to pay a reclaim fee that covers expenses like:

  • Board: Biter Dog Per Day – $20.00
  • Board: Biter Cat Per Day – $15.00
  • Board: Dog Per Day – $12.00
  • Board: Cat Per Day – $8.00
  • Microchip – Dog or Cat – $35
  • Rabies Vaccination Voucher – $12.00
  • Reclaim Without ID – $35.00
  • Reclaim With ID 1st Offense – $15.00
  • 2nd Offense – $50.00
  • 3rd Offense – $75.00
  • *Additional Fine for Public Safety Fee (Dog RAL Only) – $25.00

If your pet has a current rabies vaccination and County tag, please bring proof when you reclaim your pet to avoid additional fees.

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