Halloween Safety Tips

Jul 2, 2021 | Adoption Resources, All About Cats, All About Dogs

Halloween is a fun holiday that is celebrated with tricks, treats, and costumes of all kinds, but it can also be a night of dangers and stress for pets. In order to keep your pets happy and safe during this spooky holiday, follow these simple tips:

Keep The Candy Out Of Reach

Chocolate bars, gum, suckers, and taffies are delicious treasures from a successful night of trick-or-treating, but be sure your canine and feline friends don’t swipe a piece or two. Candies that contain the artificial sweetener xylitol and all forms of chocolate are toxic to cats and dogs. Depending on the size of your pet and the amount ingested, your pet could become seriously ill, which can lead to death.

If you think your pet ate some candy, contact your veterinarian or the Pet Poison Hotline (800-213-6680) immediately.

Ding Dong Ditch The Stress

Not all pets are social butterflies, so the constant ringing of the doorbell and the presence of strangers can cause pets great distress. Keep your pets calm and comfortable by setting them up in a room they feel comfortable in that’s also away from the door, or keep them in their kennels.

Pick A Comfy Costume

If you like to dress up your pet for Halloween, remember to choose one that your pet will be comfortable in. Your pet should be able to move freely, breathe easily, and see clearly while wearing a costume.

Some pets don’t like to wear costumes, so only dress your pet up if he or she doesn’t become stressed while wearing one.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a costume for your pet, consider one of these pet costume favorites:

  • 1. Pumpkin
  • 2. Hotdog
  • 3. Superhero
  • 4. Bumble Bee
  • 5. Ghost
Watch Your Decor

Halloween isn’t complete without jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and ghosts, but these spookily-charming decorations can be hazardous for pets. Curious kittens might stick their paws into the flames inside jack-o-lanterns, and rambunctious puppies may chew on the “bones” that make up skeletons. Pumpkin carving is a staple for any human on Halloween, but avoid feeding your pet raw pumpkin. Pumpkins can grow bacteria that are harmful and it can be difficult to digest.

Decorating for the holiday isn’t out of the picture, however, if you own pets. You can still deck-out your house with witches and goblins, just be sure to keep an extra-close eye on your pets to ensure their safety.

Ensure Your Pet Is Properly Identified

Even when precautions are taken, sometimes our pets find a way to dart out the door. If you might be opening your front door frequently, try to keep your pet in a closed bedroom or crate. In case your pet accidentally gets out, having an ID with the pet’s name and your phone number increases the chances of your pet being returned to you.

Make sure the phone number on your pet’s ID tag is one that you can most-easily be reached at, and that all information is current and accurate.

Microchipping your pet increases the chances of your pet being returned home.

The microchip is inserted under your pet’s skin with a needle. Once you register your pet’s chip, it will be entered into a database, so when your pet’s chip is scanned at a shelter or veterinarian’s office, they’ll be able to contact you.

It’s important that the information associated with your pet’s microchip is current and accurate. If you move or change your phone number, be sure you update your pet’s microchip profile.

Halloween is a fun holiday, and when these tips are followed, your pet can have just as much fun as you do!

Source: ARL – Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. 2018 – https://www.arl-iowa.org/

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