Wildlife Rehabilitators in Winnebago County

Feb 24, 2023 | All About Wildlife, Other Resources

Winnebago County Animals Services does not have the capabilities at our facility to rehabilitate or care for young wildlife; however, there are a number of wildlife rehabilitators in the area who can help! 

Some animal mothers leave their young alone for long time periods (fawns, rabbits) while others closely supervise them (raccoons). If you have found an orphaned animal, do not touch or feed any baby wild animal. If the animal is already in your possession, put the animal in a secure, ventilated container and keep it in a warm, dark and quiet place until a wildlife rehabilitator can assist. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator directly.

Loud noises can badly stress baby wild animals, and the wrong foods (like milk and lettuce) can kill them. If you must handle the baby animal, heavy gloves should be worn at all times. 

Rockford Area Wildlife Rehabilitators & Centers

  • Hoo Haven – 815-629-2212 – Specialty: State & Fed Permits
  • Lisa’s Little Rescue – 815-298-1300 – Specialty: Mammals, no racoons
  • Cristin Good – 815-329-4865 – Specialty: All mammals
  • Christina’s Critters – 815-494-0932 – Specialty: Raccoons only
  • Candice Ridlbauer – 815-633-9193 – Specialty: Birds of prey only
  • Ann Whitney – 815-742-9119 – Specialty: Adult birds only
  • Rose Swenson – 815-323-2747 – Specialty: Birds only
  • Willowbrook Wildlife Center – 630-942-6200 – Specialty: State & Fed Permits
  • Oaken Acres Wildlife Center – 815-895-9666 – Specialty: State & Fed Permits
  • McHenry County Conservation – 815-728-8307 – Specialty: State & Fed Permits, birds only, no wild mammals
  • Kane Area Wildlife Rehabilitation – 708-220-1420 – Specialty: State & Fed Permits, babies only

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