What to Do If You Find an Injured Animal

Mar 16, 2021 | Other Resources

If you encounter a sick or injured animal, approach with caution! Injured animals often bite and strike out from pain and fear without knowing exactly what they are doing. Even an animal you know very well could cause you severe injury without meaning to.

Take note of the animal’s state of consciousness, attitude and any major injuries (difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, etc.) prior to approaching the animal.

Calm the animal by talking in a low, quiet voice. You may stroke the animal if temperament will allow.

If the animal is alert and aggressive, muzzle if necessary to prevent the animal from injuring you or anyone assisting you. You can muzzle an animal with a leash, gauze, shoelace or rope, if necessary. In dealing with a cat or dog with a short muzzle, wrap the animal in a blanket, towel or coat, covering the head. In all cases, be sure to keep your face away from the animal’s head.

If you are a resident of Winnebago County, you can contact Winnebago County Animal Services to have an Animal Control Officer dispatched to the animal’s location.

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