What About Wildlife?

Mar 16, 2021 | Other Resources

WCAS Officers will respond to calls where wildlife are seriously injured or pose an immediate threat to public safety/health. WCAS will not pick up deceased wildlife including those in the public roadways and on public or private property. 

Injured wildlife: We do not have the capabilities at our facility to rehabilitate or care for young wildlife; however, the list at the bottom of this page includes wildlife rehabilitators who can help.  For baby bunnies – please keep in mind that the mother may only visit the nest once or twice within a 24 hour period, and usually isn’t at the nest during daytime hours.

If you are having trouble with nuisance wildlife such as raccoons, opossums or groundhogs, please contact a private nuisance wildlife control operator.

Bats can carry rabies and can transmit rabies to both humans and pets.  Bats are crucial for ecological stability, but can pose a risk to public health if not dealt with correctly.  If you have been exposed to a bat in your dwelling, report it to WCAS.  For more information on bats as a carrier for disease, visit www.cdc.gov/rabies.

Winnebago County Animal Services does not respond to calls for wildlife nuisance problems, such as raccoons living under your deck or porch, groundhogs digging under sheds or other wildlife residing in your window wells.  For more information on how to mediate these problems, visit https://www.wildlifeillinois.org/

Deceased Wildlife: The County Highway Department does respond to calls for deceased deer that are in County roadways. The State Dept. of Transportation responds similarly to such calls on State roadways. Deceased wildlife on private or public property can be disposed in the garbage or buried.

Winnebago County Wildlife Rehabilitators

  • Hoo Haven Durand 815-629-2212 State & Fed Permits
  • Debbie Bienemann Rockford 815-315-3151 Raccoons
  • Brook Brauer Rockford 815-558-5175 Raccoons
  • Lisa Beardsworth Winnebago 815-298-1300 Squirrels, opossums
  • Sherri Gendron Rockford 815-985-3212 Rabbits
  • Joyce Keegan Rockford 815-505-7429 Raccoons
  • Shirley Klotz Rockford 815-965-4002 Raccoons, squirrels
  • Candice Ridlbauer Loves Park 815-633-9193 Birds of Prey
  • Ann Whitney Pecatonica 815-742-9119 Adult Birds
  • Kim Woodkey South Beloit 608-207-5615 Raccoons

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